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International Groceries

South Asian Groceries
We have a wide variety of whole spices, ground spices, lentils, rices, flours, cooking oils, ready to eat meals, and snacks.

African Groceries
African spices, mixes, canned sardines,cooking leaves, peppers, dried beans, variety of fufu, palm oil, tomato paste.

There are a variety of vegetables, fruits, plantains, tubers, and onions

Seafood and Meat
We have a variety of fish including sardines, mackerel, kingfish, amber jack, black pomfret, silver pomfret, butterfish, stock-fish, and more. Our meat department carries goat with skin, goat without skin, leg of goat, cow skin, cow feet, lamb, hen, and duck.

Serving the populations of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Iran

African Groceries


North and South Indian Takeout

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